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Why are our products so special?


Of course you can clean your beloved car useing strong detergents, which can harm not only the environment but also to you. But why, when instead of them you can use the products of Carvalet. Our products are among the most environmentally friendly in the world. See for yourself. If you love your car – there is no better choice.


Ecology is not just a waste separation and purity of the environment. They are also chemicals that you use. Do you know what causes most of them, if they get into the soil? Apparently you would prefer not to know. Therefore, use the products of Carvalet and concern for the environment can dismiss. Our products are environmentally friendly and quickly biodegradable.


Our cosmetics are manufactured in Great Britain. They are the result of testing and comparison of more than 200 recipes. That’s why they are so special. Not only that they really cleans, but also ideally take care of the bodywork and other surfaces for which they are intended.


When I tell you, that most of our products are diluted 1:20, 1:250 and 1:500, and their efficiency is not reduced, it seems to never run out. You need literally only milliliters of preparation for a single wash, and the effect is sufficient.

Low price

Why are our products even by 50% cheaper than competitive products? It is by a fact that we import directly from the supplier and not by a circuitous route through an intermediary. They say no pain no gain. In the case of our products this is only gain for you without risk.